The Wandering Pigeon has come home

Dear readers of my blog,

Long, gravel road at sunset.
Photo by me, taken on a gravel road at sunset

Many of you have been on this blog for many years and have seen it go from its humble beginnings on another platform, to having its very own home, here.

In the last several years, I have not known what I wanted to do with this blog. As many of you have noticed, it’s largely been abandoned.

Then I started another blog recently — I put in the hard work to get it set up, but nothing was working right. Nothing was going right.

Then I realized the answer was here, right here, all along.

Why, you might ask, didn’t I just modify this blog?

Well, here is my answer: I was afraid.

I was afraid to be authentic here. I was afraid of being myself. If you’ve read my blog, you noticed I keep it pretty surface-level, never really getting into difficult topics, never wanting to truly rock any boats. Which is why I started another blog, but the universe told me it’s time to be here.

So, for the next couple of weeks, this blog will undergo a re-design and new content will be loaded gradually.

I’m so excited and grateful that the universe led me back home.

Stay tuned, readers.

Good things are coming.

~ The Wandering Pigeon

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