Teeny tiny world

This past weekend I took a trip of a different kind — into a micro world right off my patio. Saturday was cool and breezy and seemed like a good day to pull weeds between the patio bricks and around the patio before I moved plants out for the summer. A tiny seed pod Two... Continue Reading →

Speaking our truth

I was listening to a podcast about speaking our truth and it really got me to thinking about what that means to me and to all of us, so, naturally, I wanted to share it with my readers. Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com The podcast explained living our truths in a way I didn't... Continue Reading →

Paper clip retainers

In junior high, you were the "cool kid" if you had braces. I remember all the popular, well-off kids were able to get braces. Which made me green with envy. I wanted braces so bad. I watched friend after friend get braces and then get those really cute wire retainers they sported at school. So,... Continue Reading →

Gratitude at every stop sign

Some of you may have read my post about the gratitude bridge, where I take a pause every day to give thanks for that day. This bridge allows vehicles on a gravel road to cross over a small creek. It often floods, so I'm not always able to go that route, which is filled with... Continue Reading →

But, ‘I’m lucky’

"I'm lucky, at least I can do this," I told myself recently as I stepped out of the bath after my second migraine of the day. What I really meant to tell myself is this "people have it much worse than you, you should suck it up and go on with your night." I stopped... Continue Reading →


Florida's press secretary's statement that people against the bill are pro-grooming truly caught me off guard. Her comments are inexcusable, damaging, and dangerous.

Been a hot minute

Well, once again, it's been a red hot minute since I've posted. And I'm sorry! The last several years of my life have been one of transition and living in the moment. In 2019, I re-vamped my blog, set some goals, tried to fit within someone else's view of how this blog should be and,... Continue Reading →

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