Brandy’s Shower Thoughts Volume 1, Issue 2 | Dec. 1, 2022

In today’s edition of shower thoughts we will discuss Fleetwood Mac, vertigo and showing up for myself.

The news of Christine McVie’s death was tumbling around in my head this morning. A news report about her played portions of several songs — all of which I knew and loved. What a legacy she left and some incredible talent. Even though I never considered myself a “fan,” I didn’t realize until this morning that I am, indeed, a fan of the music, the lyrics and the enduring message of so many of the songs.

Then I got to thinking about the impact we all have on each other every single day. I reminded myself to be kind in my interactions today and every day.

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I’ve developed my winter case of vertigo. Sigh. In the shower this morning I was feeling frustrated about that and wondering why the heck I keep getting these. The joys of winter in BrandyLand. There’s a reason why I wrote about this: see below.

Due to the above-mentioned vertigo, I didn’t get a great night’s sleep last night. So I wasn’t able to pedal as hard on my morning stationary bike ride. I was honestly kinda pissed about that because I have a calorie-burned goal for those. But, then I got to thinking: I still showed up for myself. I still did what my body could. Sometimes you have to show up where you can — meet your body where it is at. Today, I met mine where it was at.

Today, I hope you meet yourself where you’re at. No matter where you’re at, you’re here. That matters. YOU matter.

Have a great evening, friends. Thanks for tuning in to the second issue of Brandy’s Shower Thoughts.

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