Brandy’s Shower Thoughts Volume 1, Issue 3

Today’s thoughts came from the bath, but there was water involved so it counts.

In today’s issue I’ll discuss being the captain of my own ship and my difficult workout.

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While taking a nice relaxing bubble bath at lunchtime, in addition to thinking about how nice the bubbles were, I thought to myself “I earned this bath.” It was so nice and warm and full of my favorite scent. The reason why I took a bath at lunch and not in the morning was because my morning workout ran right up until I needed to be logged onto work (I work at home on Fridays).

I didn’t think I could get through the workout this morning. I thought while in the bath how amazing the body is. How at first I was like “I can’t do it.” And then I just did it, with modifications where necessary. The coach on the video said “don’t let your emotions stop you. And if you can do hard things here, you can do hard things in life.” That made me think. The workout was hard, but I pushed through. Indeed, we can do hard things.

That also led me to thinking about ships and life changes (what can I say, my brain is weird). Over the past several years I’ve made many modifications to my life, my job, people in my life, my habits. Some of those have involved letting some people go their own way. Then I got to thinking, “well, who am I to make these big decisions?” Um, I’m the captain of my own ship, that’s who. Sometimes captains have to make necessary, and sometimes painful, choices about who is on their crew. It works the same way in life.

Go and captain your ships today! YOU get to steer the ship wherever you want. Don’t let anybody else take the wheel.

Happy Friday, friends!

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