Commencement weekend

This weekend I'm covering commencement for Emporia State University. It's such a monumental milestone for each graduate, their families, and friends. As the room erupts in cheers and screams as the graduates file on and off the stage, it's hard not to feel the immense joy that surrounds the graduates. As I work on my second... Continue Reading →

The passing of a pen pal

"Dear Brandy, I am sorry to tell you that your mail art friend Andrea, has passed away..." Today, upon arriving home from work a letter was waiting for me. I'm sitting here at my computer tearfully typing out this post — a beautiful soul left this earth. Her wit, humor and creativity will never arrive... Continue Reading →

Changing the view

Last night I took time out for a change of pace -- for a change of view. I admit I've had severe election fatigue as most of us in the United States do right about now. I was feeling pretty burned out. So, a change in pace was in order. In the form of a... Continue Reading →

Life history in a make-up bag

Going through a make-up bag you haven't cleaned out in decades (and still use daily) is truly like taking a walk down memory lane. Today I became frustrated with the many items in said make-up bag because I couldn't get to anything I truly needed. So I dumped it in the sink -- and my... Continue Reading →

On being (almost) 40

On the eve of the dawn of my last month being 30-something (wow, that was a lot of words, hope you understood that), I’m laughing. Laughing because at the age of 39 I proved you CAN mess up Tuna Helper. The ingredients just refused to blend even after following the instructions Ok, I confess. So... Continue Reading →

‘We’re having a blizzard!’

"We're having a blizzard!" Those were my words last night and I was playing a joke on someone. And today we woke up to snow. A pretty decent blanket of snow. Maybe, quite possibly, I should have not joked about the snow. So, to all the people who woke up to Easter Snow, it's probably... Continue Reading →

Closing one door, opening another

Friday I left my career in journalism and will be heading to the "dark side" as us journalists call it. Over the years I've had the honor to cover many stories, events and met some pretty rock star people and gained some lifetime friends. In the last 2 1/2 years as editor of the paper I... Continue Reading →

Magical country roads

One of my favorite forms of therapy is driving up and down country roads — for hours at a time. There is so much I see during these drives and so much I would miss if I simply sat on the couch every night. The long, winding roads of Lyon County have become my second home, where I go... Continue Reading →

2016: The year of sliver linings

So, usually I make a huge list of things I want to accomplish in the new year and usually most of those don't get done. This year I took a different approach. I have decided to make 2016 about silver linings. Sure, I have a few goals, like keeping up with my daily thankfuls and a... Continue Reading →

The happy jar

For the third  year in a row, I kept a "happy jar" next to my bed and each day I put a slip of paper in it with one "happy" thing that happened that day. I also threw in events and movie tickets. I started doing this after seeing a Facebook post about it. Years... Continue Reading →

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