I am a migraine warrior + Haiku

Originally written March 16, 2022

My dog, Punk, has the right idea — sleep all his troubles off. Well, let’s face it, any animal that lives in my house, has no troubles. But that’s not the point of this post. Today I want to talk about migraines. I’ve suffered from them for well over a decade now, but, more recently they’ve become chronic and often interfere with my daily life. Anyone who suffers from chronic migraine know that it can, and often is a debilitating silent illness. Sunday afternoon I began my first of a multi-day migraine. By Monday I knew it was going to be one of my cycles. Yesterday, I had enough and tried to get into my doctor for a shot, but they were out, so I called our local emergent care, who couldn’t give me the needed cocktail. So, ended up in the ER. Based on my personal experience with migraines and ER, I wouldn’t recommend going normally. But, yesterday, I had no choice unless I wanted to be driven an hour away to get care.

Before we go on, my Haiku:

Migraines call the shots
Robbing the precious moments
Please, please find a cure

Also before I go on, I just want to say this is my experience with the ER and migraines and not everybody has the same experience, but it happens all too often. I was gaslighted in the ER and after many conversations about WHY I was there (no, Karen, I came for fun and my $1,600 medical bracelet), I finally got the medications I need and was sent on my way and wasn’t even asked if they helped.

With all that said, I am feeling human today (thank goodness) and the meds did help.

When I got home last night, I was really upset. I was disheartened by the treatment and also disheartened by what I’m going through. I’m a vibrant, active person, who never knows when I’ll be bedridden with a major migraine. I have a career I have fought for, worked for and absolutely love with all my heart. I have built this tremendous life that I also love with all my heart. Last night, in my puddle of self-pity, I told myself that migraines were going to take it all away.

Today, thankfully, I have a much better outlook and know that there are many treatment options and, while it might be a long road to finding one that works for me, I’m willing to travel it.

If you are a chronic migraine sufferer, I’m so sorry. I understand. I know how difficult it is to not only live through it, but to also find good, COMPASSIONATE care.

Here are a couple of Facebook groups I’ve found incredibly helpful:

My Migraine Support Group

Chronic Migraine Warriors

And a website that has really helped me:

American Migraine Foundation

Please don’t give up. There is help out there. Lean on each other. Find another provider and another if you have to. Don’t give up.

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