Been a hot minute

Well, once again, it’s been a red hot minute since I’ve posted. And I’m sorry!

The last several years of my life have been one of transition and living in the moment. In 2019, I re-vamped my blog, set some goals, tried to fit within someone else’s view of how this blog should be and, quite frankly, I then walked away. I was trying to be someone I’m not.

I’m a wanderer at heart. I always will be. For this blog it means that, over the years, I’ve wandered from topic to topic and from focus to focus. I tried to change it and I lost my passion in it.

In life, wandering means I love to wander from place to place with a few constants in my life — my job, my friends and my home.

Do I have goals for this blog coming up? Maybeeee. Am I going to reveal them right now? Nope.

For now, please enjoy a photo of my 10-month-old Chinese Crested pups, Sir Punk Nugget and Cleopatra (short for Cleo).

Photo of two Chinese Crested puppies, Sir Punk Nugget and Cleopatra "Cleo."

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