5 tips for pandemic (or any new) puppies

In August, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I got puppies. Tiny little squirmy (and bald I might add), hairless Chinese Crested puppies.

I truly wish I was actively blogging during their tiny, puppy months, but, if you so desire, you can follow their early (and current) adventures on Instagram @CleoandPunkChineseCresteds.

When I got them, Punk weighed under 3 pounds and Cleo was under 2 pounds. Today they are fully-grown and as sassy and ornery as you might expect two spoiled-during-the-pandemic puppies.

Here are a few tips I’ve garnered along the way when dealing with pandemic (or any new) pups.

  1. Remember, they are PUPPIES. When we picked the pups up in Oklahoma City (we live in central Kansas) we had the ultimate goal of litter box training them. (Yes, it’s a thing and we’ve had success with our previous dogs). We bought the dog litter and everything. Laughable. We still haven’t used it. They eat EVERYTHING still.
  2. Buy a small, plastic pool. Thankfully, these were still in season. And they were a lifesaver when we got them home. They ate, drank, played and, of course peed and pooped in the pool. Get you one! But, be warned, they will grow. Ours hopped out in a week, but it did give us the necessary time to secure alternatives.
  3. Get them into the vet ASAP. Our puppies, being so young, had not had any vaccines, but they still were in need of a check-up. They both have eye issues and Cleo came with an eye ulcer. The conditions are well under control now, with daily medications, but if we had waited, Cleo probably would have gone blind in her right eye. Get them into the vet I’d suggest within the first week!
  4. Set early boundaries. Don’t want them on the couch? Set that boundary early. Room off limits? Let them know early. Puppies need boundaries. Mine pretty much had none…my bad. But they are learning quite nicely.
  5. Do things with them early. Due to the pandemic, this one went by the wayside for us. BUT, in normal circumstances, make sure you take them in the car for rides (if that’s what you’re planning on doing), take them to the pet store to pick out treats, etc.

Bottom line, enjoy your new babies. They won’t be babies for long. Below is a photo of mine when they were tiny!

Photo of two Chinese Crested puppies at 6 weeks old.

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