The Robin living its best life

I've written about robins before on this blog. I find them a quite charming bird and they have a beautiful song. I was having lunch in a park this week and I heard the robin's song. After a few minutes of searching for the bird, I spotted it on a limb not too far from... Continue Reading →

Mindful walks

Before I jump into this topic, I wanted to apologize if for a while my posts aren't daily. I'm feeling a bit uninspired — a bit caved into myself. The above photo is of a bush with white flowers taken outside of my house. With that said, I've been taking solace in walks lately, around the... Continue Reading →

Fight for women’s rights

I'm not going to sugarcoat this post. Roe v. Wade, the case that guaranteed a pregnant person's right to choose abortion in the United States, is in danger. This is serious. Photo by Duanu00e9 Viljoen on Let me be clear. I 100% support a pregnant person's right to choose. I am not interested in... Continue Reading →

What to do when the world is burning

The past few days I've been feeling like the world is burning to the ground. In the United States, women are having their rights taken away, elsewhere in the world, people are fleeing horrible situations only to be met with "you don't belong here, either." There is so much trauma in the world right now.... Continue Reading →

Paper clip retainers

In junior high, you were the "cool kid" if you had braces. I remember all the popular, well-off kids were able to get braces. Which made me green with envy. I wanted braces so bad. I watched friend after friend get braces and then get those really cute wire retainers they sported at school. So,... Continue Reading →

Milford Lake + The Cove restaurant

Weekend road trip alert! If you haven't been to Milford Lake lately, this place is worth the visit and even has a tasty place to eat while you're there. Milford Lake is the largest lake in Kansas boasting 163 miles of shoreline, swimming beaches and a 14 public ramps. You can launch sailboats, boats or... Continue Reading →

What would you take?

If you only had a few minutes to pack, what would you take? Before I go any further with this post, I wanted to say that I understand so many in this world we live in are facing things much worse than my story I'm about to tell. Friday evening was a rough one for... Continue Reading →

Start anew at any moment

This post was inspired by a bad morning recently that I didn't want to turn into a bad day. I was lacking sleep (insomnia sucks) and was adjusting to a new eating style so my body was a bit in flux and angry with me. Photo by Andre Furtado on My attitude that day... Continue Reading →

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