Basic necessities are a human right

“Can you believe you can’t buy water in there for a dollar?”

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Yesterday I encountered a lady who was outside of a grocery store sitting on a walker holding a “homeless, please help,” sign. I normally don’t have cash but yesterday I did and on my way out, I shared it with her. And then she told me about the water. She looked hot and tired and weary as she reached for the money I handed her. She held out her other hand and showed me the dollar she had that she couldn’t buy water with. Water. On a hot and muggy afternoon and she couldn’t buy the basic life-giving water. It broke me.

She smiled and told me “be safe, dear.” I told her to do the same. I cried all the way back to my car as I knew I was going home to an air conditioned house and plenty of food and water.

It is up to us to be good stewards in this life. To share what we can with others. I didn’t have much to give yesterday, but I gave her what I could. Random acts of kindness are never wasted. Ever. I hope, friends, you can find a way to be kind to someone today, even if it’s just a smile.

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