Waiting on snow

There’s a special kind of silence that falls on winter just before a snowstorm — a calm such as the aura the Earth is emitting this morning.

I look outside and the world is asleep. Nothing is falling from the sky — yet. It’s cold — but not too cold. It’s not the bitey kind of cold that we had just a few days ago. The weather is setting itself up for ice as the temperatures warm up just enough.

I love the calm before the storm — and the silence that comes with a fresh blanket of sparkling snow, especially in the middle of the night. There’s nothing quite like standing outside after the snow has stopped falling and the sky has cleared. I love looking at the powdery glitter-like substance and it glistens under a full sky of stars. It’s one of winter’s gifts for putting up with her — if you choose to accept it.

So, while I’m not looking forward to the ice that is predicted, I am looking forward to a bit of a blanket of snow — and a date with my new Slanket. And yes, I do own a Slanket. Got it for Christmas. Amazing luxury (and the dogs think it’s theirs).

Cheers to the snow!

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