Joy spreads … even to animals

This morning I woke up to one of my dogs, Chewie, squeaking one of his toys repeatedly. The routine on non-work days is we all get up at normal time, the dogs get fed and everyone goes back to bed. Such is what happened today — New Year’s Day.

But, around 8:30 a.m. or so, Chewie had another idea. He wanted to play. And I wanted to sleep in. As I buried my head back into the covers, squeak! Squeak. Squeak. Followed by a couple of sharp barks as if he was saying ‘get up mom!’

When the squeak toys didn’t work, he brought the toy into bed. Squeaked it and then proceeded to breath down my neck. The pic to the left is the pic I took with the front-facing camera on my phone this morning.

His good mood lasted the entire day. Chewie is getting close to 11 so a playful day like this is rare — and honestly I can’t even remember the last time he had a day like this. He loves to shred toilet paper tubes so today he was lucky enough to get an entire paper towel tube! This sent him into a puppy-like tailspin of joy. It was such a rare treat to see him that happy and that energetic. As all my fur-babies age, I’d give a lot to just turn back the clock on them a couple of years. But since I can’t, I relish in every single day I have with them.

New Years is such a joyful holiday for me. I guess this year, Chewie caught the New Year’s joy bug. But, for me it’s a bit deeper than that — joy spreads. So does anger, hurt and hate. I’d rather spread joy and kindness in this world.


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