An unsolicited story

So, my coworkers Kathleen, Jessie and Regina got the pleasure of listening to an unsolicited story — or rather a dumbass Brandy moment this morning.

So I thought I’d share it here too.

The lesson in this story before I write it: never put the cap back on pancake batter. You know, the kind that comes in a jar, you add water, shake it up and voila: pancakes!

If you read the directions, which I did but did not heed, it says you’re not supposed to re-cap it after mixing the contents. Well, don’t. Just don’t. They mean it. And bad things happen when you re-cap it after mixing and put it on a warm stove.

That is just what I did. I was happily making pancakes — regular AND blueberry!! What heaven!! I mixed one batter, cooked them all up and then mixed the other and recapped it until I was ready to cook it, set it on the stove and walked off.

A few minutes later I heard this explosion in my kitchen. WTF?! Rushed into kitchen and there was the reason why you should NEVER recap one of these puppies. It was all over my ceiling, walls, stove…every place imaginable. Pancake batter. Everywhere. Again, pancake batter. EVERYWHERE. In places pancake batter should never be!

I swear every once in a while I still find more batter.

So, don’t. Just don’t re-cap these jars. I promise nothing good will come of it unless you’re looking for a very messy science experiment.

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