Glen Haven, Colorado, one year post flood

Today, while on vacation in Estes Park, Colorado, we traveled to the tiny town of Glen Haven, which was destroyed in the floods that occurred in the area in September 2013.

The Denver Post covered the floods: “The soul of the community survived. People in Glen Haven dug the mud out of one another’s homes. They evacuated their stranded neighbors four days before federal rescue workers showed up. From the wreckage left when West Creek became a roaring river, they built their own footbridge to reach homes on the other side,” the article stated. 

Today, nearly one year following the flood, the devastation is still obvious. It was sad to see where homes stood, where a community once stood. The fire station, post office and general store has been restored, but many of the homes in the area still remain damaged — and that’s the ones that even exist at all. Many were wiped off their foundation.

I was so struck by the devastation, yet the endurance of a small community. People sat at the local general store. Heavy equipment was working to move debris. 
I will not be sharing any more of these photos, because it doesn’t feel right. Their little community is not a tourist attraction. It’s their home and one they are struggling to re-build.

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