Wildlife…and old friends!

Another eventful day in gorgeous high-country Colorado. A very eventful day starring lots of wildlife. Started out the day at the restaurant to your left — The Egg and I where they make the best breakfast anywhere! There’s always a wait, but it’s worth it. The breakfast is simply fab!

Second adventure of the day was the wildlife. Here, as you can see, the wildlife isn’t afraid to eat out of your hands. The paws of the chipmunks are so soft when they take food (unsalted peanuts) out of your hand. They come up with their cheeks stuffed full of food begging for more. It’s simply so cute! The animals are adorable!

This evening we went to see my former colleague and dear friend Scott. It was so nice catching up, swapping newspaper stories and woes and just in general taking in the local scene with good company. I do miss my dear friend! So here we are laughing and joking like old times! Sure do miss you friend!!
Stay tuned. Tomorrow’s installment will include another trip up the mountain on MY BIRTHDAY! I get to spend my 2008 birthday in the high country! YAY!!
Wednesday’s blog will include a collection of some of the more off-beat things I’ve found in Colorado…like a giant chicken…dogs hanging out in shops. Stay tuned!!

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  1. Sounds like another fun day! I love love LOVE the picture of the chipmunks! That is just too cute! -KatP.S. Today is your birthday! Happy Birthday! :0)


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