"Special" animals…and other stuff


Happy birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our animals at the cabin are “special” as Kat would say. Somehow all the “not so normal animals have decended upon us. Lets talk about the Jay first to your left. Now he looks pretty normal but on second glance he is all but normal. He has ruffled, oily feathers. He runs into branches when he lands shaking the whole branch. Now, I’d say he was a very ugly bird, but to be polite, he’s “special.”

Take the Raven to your right. He too, looks normal at first glance. But his right foot is deformed and he can only hop on it. But he gets around fine and is a friendly addition to the cabin.

The chipmunk, which is featured in yesterday’s blog today decided he needs to sit in my lap and beg for peanuts. I kid you not! It’s awesome to have this little creature sit in your lap and look at you…luckily we have plenty of food for our “special” critters.

The rest of today was fun as well. We went up the mountain. It was SOO Much fun!! Visited the falls to your left and climbed some rocks. Had an awesome time!!
Some of the wildlife we encountered today was moose, elk and a marmot. Pics to follow!
Check tomorrow for my off-beat blog! Have a great one!!

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