Changing the view

wp-1479566904201.jpgLast night I took time out for a change of pace — for a change of view. I admit I’ve had severe election fatigue as most of us in the United States do right about now. I was feeling pretty burned out.

So, a change in pace was in order. In the form of a high-rise hotel room with a view second-to-none. I’m also in the middle of National Novel Writin Month, so last night I had the perfect cozy writing spot. Since the hotel room’s walls are almost all windows, wrapping up in a cozy blanket did the trick.

As I gazed at twinkling street lights, I felt a deep sense of gratitude that there was so much beauty around me, but also that I am fortunate enough to be able to afford that one-night change of pace.

I took many photos (I’m pretty much a photo hoarder) and I realized that some of my photos were blurred — it was dark and holding the phone steady against the window wasn’t always the easiest thing to do. But I realized that even though the view was blurry, it was still there. Much like life — we have good times where the view is crystal clear and dark times, where it blurs out. But it’s always right there waiting for us to notice it again.

Same view, just blurred

I am grateful for the view last night — and for the view in my life every day. I am grateful for gratitude, it has become my core — center of my being.

When you’re feeling burned out, a change of view might help — if you can’t afford a hotel room, go to a cafe or even to the public library or drive a different route home. Anything to change up your view a bit.

As always, I’m deeply grateful you chose to read this and that you choose to read my blog.

With gratitude,


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