Sometimes it’s time to let go

wpid-20150525_140935.jpgToday I cleaned out my “favorites” bar on one of my web browsers. It was time to let go of some of those websites.

My dad was killed in a house fire and on my favorites bar I had bookmarked the various stories done about the fire. Every time I logged onto that web browser, there it was — “man dies from injuries in house fire.” And other headlines that instantly took me back to that moment — multiple times a day.

Today, I decided to let go of those bookmarks. The pain it causes me on a daily basis does not serve me. It does not help me. It only jerks me out of the present moment and back into the past. I can’t change what happened to him…and he wouldn’t want me reminded of that every single day.

I still miss him every day. His smile. His laugh. His humor and the stories he had to tell. Man that man had stories.

I love you dad, but today I had to let go of those bookmarks. Doesn’t mean I’m forgetting you, just means I want to remember the good parts — not the tragic way you died.

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