Had no patience this morning….

They say patience is a virtue. Today I’m not so sure. I think you’d have to be a saint to deal with the newsroom I’m sitting in. So we must all be saints!! We’re down one reporter and an editor. The reporter is on her third day out after getting that horrible flu that has been going around.

So, there’s extra pages, extra stories, extra stress. And there’s not enough caffeine and donuts to even make up for all this stress. I’ve never been this far behind on a Friday. I didn’t get my pages turned in until 10:30. My Saturday Package isn’t written. And on and on. Right now, at 3:08 p.m. I’m staring in the headlights of my last story I need to write, dreading it with all my might because I’m mentally drained.

The pages are back to proof and I hear gripes of this and that, whines and groans. Throw your hands up in the air and walk off. Just trust me on this one.

Ok, back to writing my story….

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