The happy jar

For the third  year in a row, I kept a "happy jar" next to my bed and each day I put a slip of paper in it with one "happy" thing that happened that day. I also threw in events and movie tickets. I started doing this after seeing a Facebook post about it. Years... Continue Reading →

Thankful for gratitude

My daily thankfuls on my personal Facebook account are up over 550 days now. For those of you who aren't familiar with my project, I chose to start posting daily thankfuls at the beginning of November some 550 days ago. Right in the middle of that, my father was killed in a fire so I... Continue Reading →

Day 400 of thankfuls

Today, Dec. 10 is day 400.A quick back story because I've told it a few times: 400 (roughly) days ago I decided to join the November thankful challenge where you post one thing you're thankful for each day during November. Fifteen days into that challenge a house fire killed my dad. During those dark days... Continue Reading →


I was reading a book last night and it suggested that I get a journal and make it my gratitude journal. Me, being very diligent in journaling, jumped right up, found and empty one and then read what I was supposed to do next. It said write a master list. I listed 10 things... Continue Reading →

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