I was reading a book last night and it suggested that I get a journal and make it my gratitude journal. Me, being very diligent in journaling, jumped right up, found and empty one and then read what I was supposed to do next. It said write a master list. Ok….so I listed 10 things to put on my master gratitute list. I read the next sentence and it said you had to have 50 things on the master list. FIFTY!!

I wasn’t pleased by this as I didn’t think I could come up with 50 and get any sleep whatsoever. But it was easier than I thought. Much easier. I listed 50 + items in less than 10 minutes. I believe I’m almost up to 100. It wasn’t hard when you get in that mind set to figure out what you’re grateful for.

The book that I”m reading says if I do this every day I will soon will soon see a change in myself and that I will be sitting in gratitude more my pessimitude. Yes, I made the latter word up!

So, gratitude it is.

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