How did I ever do it?

I don’t know what I ever did without my modern-day cell phone. I use my cell phone to check the weather; to check CNN and local news stations; to read and reply to e-mails; to watch music videos and television; to get directions to nearby restaurants using the fancy GPS system; to text a friend and send pictures and videos up to Facebook; and oh yeah — occasionally — I use my “phone” to actually call someone (even thought it’s actually rare).

So last night as I couldn’t sleep I sat and wondered. How did I ever manage with a cell phone that did nothing more than allow me to call someone? How did I survive? I actually had to pick up the phone, dial a number (my first cell phone was a bag phone and didn’t even have a phone book) and I had to TALK. What a concept. Geez, no wonder I was depressed all those years when I only had my one-function phone.

Cell phones today are amazing. They do everything but actually dress you and brush your teeth for you. The technology continues to advance faster than I can afford to keep up with. I often wonder what is next? What more could we possibly want in a device that fits in a purse or pocket? My phone does more stuff than I ever have time to use (although I use most of the functions). My phone even doubles as my alarm clock from time to time or to remind me of appointments. It’s also my entertainment anytime I might get bored.

So I ask again — how in the world did I ever survive all those years without my modern-day cell phone?!

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