Thankful for gratitude

My daily thankfuls on my personal Facebook account are up over 550 days now. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my project, I chose to start posting daily thankfuls at the beginning of November some 550 days ago. Right in the middle of that, my father was killed in a fire so I kGazette Portraitsept going in honor of him — and to keep myself sane while grieving that horrible tragedy.

Today, I keep going for two reasons: it keeps me grateful and I have had so much feedback from other people how much they enjoy reading them. So, I do it for myself and for others who enjoy reading.

Lately I have found myself grateful for gratitude itself. I have found that if I can move into gratitude at any moment, it changes my outlook — and my attitude. At work I can look around and be grateful for the wonderful, creative freedom I have at the paper and for the amazing, creative people I work with. In my life I’m grateful for my home, the people I love and my fur-children. The list is longer than that, of course.

All around us there are things to be grateful for — the beautiful leaves on the trees, the soft spring air, the air in our lungs. I’m grateful for that.

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