Car manuals

wpid-20150425_185818.jpgSo, after almost seven months of owning my vehicle, I decided to finally read the owner’s manual. And oh boy did I learn a ton! First, my car has far more features that I ever knew. There are hidden buttons on door handles — oh joy! So sci-fi!

While I learned a lot about my car, I also got a lot of laughs out of the diagrams such as the one to your left. Did you know that if you get locked in the trunk of said car, there is a little glow-in-the dark handle you can pull? Well, that’s cool. I’ll remember that the next time I get locked in my trunk. But what’s even funnier is apparently you’re supposed to run away — and run fast, according to the diagram. All kidding aside, these things DO happen…there are indeed mean/stupid people in the world.wpid-20150425_191103.jpg

The next diagram involved the gas tank. Apparently turtles live in my gas tank. So, I decided this: You must remove all the turtles before you fuel up. I mean, otherwise, it would be cruel to fill the tank with turtles inside, right? If you’re curious, the manual said to remove the nozzle slowly after fueling, thus the turtles. But it just made me laugh.

Proof you can find humor in just about anything — even car manuals.

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