The happy jar

My happy jar is on the right, sitting on top of the box the pieces of paper are stored in.

For the third  year in a row, I kept a “happy jar” next to my bed and each day I put a slip of paper in it with one “happy” thing that happened that day. I also threw in events and movie tickets.

I started doing this after seeing a Facebook post about it. Years ago I set out to find my happy jar. I found it in a local antique store — an old glass jar, which I suspect was used to store honey at one time since it’s shaped like a bear. I love that old, vintage jar.

Each year, on Dec. 31, I empty the jar (which has usually takes several shakes as it’s been stuffed many times). This year’s pile, all 365-plus of them, took a while to go through, but I realized, most of them are simple, everyday moments. Reading all those made me realize how much I value the moments — after all, that’s what life is made of anyway — moments.

These moments included the birth of my nephew, Kizen, getting to see my cousin get married, attending my niece’s 16th birthday party, getting to spend time with my grandmother and my aunt from California and getting to spend time with my other aunt and cousins and lots of time with my mom, brother and his family. I also made new friends in 2015. I realized, reading all those notes of time spent with various people in my life that I’m close to — family and friends are most important to me. Which, on a side note, leads me to some of my new year’s resolutions, which include eliminating things that get in the way of those moments.

This year also was the year of movies for me. In 2015 I had movie tickets from the following: Crimson Peak, Kindsman: The Secret, Star Wars, Vacation, Jurassic World 3D, Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Still Alice, Poltergeist 3D, Paranormal Activity: Ghose Dimension and Everest. And those were just the ones I threw in the jar. I’m sure I saw more.

I also got to see Loretta Lynn in 2015, the Blizzard Bash and got to go to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, twice for long weekends. And there were lots of day trips in between taking photos and just exploring Kansas.

In the middle of all this, I also had a major surgery just a few days after my 39th birthday.

All the preceding is in one year — so many treasured moments. So. Many. I am so excited to see what 2016 has to offer. I have many personal goals that will make this year even better.

So, if you want a real treat, considering starting a happy jar (or box) and placing one slip of paper in it each day. Then sit back on New Years Eve and realize how many moments you might have forgotten that life blessed you with that year.

Happy 2016!

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