2016: The year of sliver linings

So, usually I make a h12512526_10153179574482035_1188196950185852739_nuge list of things I want to accomplish in the new year and usually most of those don’t get done.

This year I took a different approach. I have decided to make 2016 about silver linings. Sure, I have a few goals, like keeping up with my daily thankfuls and a few others, but mainly I want this to be the year I finally train myself to look on the GOOD side of things first, instead of going right to the bad side of things.

I’ll admit, I have always been on the pessimistic side of things, a glass half-empty type of person.  On the heels of my 40th birthday this summer (July 8, if you want to mark the date..hint hint…haha) I decided it was time to change my way of thinking.

Today on the way to work it was cold, rainy and just plain wet. And I’ve been struggling with a head cold. At Christmas I had an inner ear infection, which caused me to miss Christmas with my mom, brother and his family. So, on my way to work I found my mind grumbling about the cold and wet roads and the fact that I’ve been sick since Christmas and then I realized, I don’t have to be grumpy about this: I can find the silver lining.

Flipping this around: I love the way the streets look in the rain. I love the way the colors of the cars and stop lights dance off the wet pavement leaving colored streaks. I love the way the colors reflect off the raindrops on the windows. I love the peaceful sound of the rain hitting my car windows gently.

Bingo. Silver lining. I came to work with a smile on my face.

It is amazing how if we find the silver lining, how quickly our attitudes can change for the better.

So, introducing 2016: the year of silver linings.

I hope you join me.

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