Day 700

wpid-20151031_183839.jpgToday is day 700 of my daily thankful posts on Facebook so I thought it warranted an entire blog post.

In the past 700 days (give or take a few), I’ve posted daily what I’m thankful for. Sometimes they are small, seemingly insignificant things, sometimes they are deep and person. But I have made a commitment to stop each day and post what I’m thankful for. And I’m amazed that today I hit 700. That’s a huge number.

My journey with this started on Nov. 1, 2013. It started out as a typical November, where several of my friends committed to posting what they are thankful for during the month of Thanksgiving. Fifteen days into that month, my dad was killed in a house fire. In the wake of that, I would have had every reason to stop posting those thankfuls, but I decided not to. I decided I needed to push forward and keep posting. November folded into December that year and I just kept posting.

And here we are at Day 700.

So, on Day 700, I’m grateful for the past 700 days of my life, which have seen ups, downs, a major surgery and many moments in between. I’m grateful for each moment because they each taught me something. And I’m grateful for 700 days — that’s a lot of living.

So, on Day 700, thank you for reading. :0)

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