A ‘break’ from gratitude

Today I was reading through my blog trying to find an explanation of this project to send to someone, and I was reminded why I started all this. Today was day 1,113 of my gratitude project. To be transparent I did take a little break so it should be more than that, but we all... Continue Reading →

Gratitude through a migraine

As the title of this blog post indicates, I'm pushing through a migraine today, but with gratitude. Let me explain. I'm a wildly driven person - full-time employee in my dream job (truly), and a graduate student who thought she was super woman and took a full-time course load over the summer. No, this isn't... Continue Reading →

Expecting gratitude of others

Tonight I came to a realization in regard to expecting gratitude of others. The situation that led me to this realization isn't important, but I feel it's important to write about this topic. I was bumbling around my house tonight feeling disgruntled about something. I realized (with some degree of disappointment in myself) that I... Continue Reading →

Grateful for knowledge

  Last night I turned in my final assignment for the semester, my first semester as a grad student in creative writing. There was quite a bit of celebrating as I hit the submit button, I admit, but also a bit of sadness. This semester has been a mixture of emotions. I have been out of... Continue Reading →

Kindness. Matters.

Today, while in a restaurant that was busier than normal due to a weather-related event cancelation, I witnessed several scenes that made me realize just how much kindness matters in this world we live in. We managed to claim a booth in the seat-yourself restaurant, which had not been cleaned up yet. The diners before us left... Continue Reading →

I see you

Today I wanted to focus on the people who get things done — in the background — ensuring we have things like clean floors, clean bathrooms and clean offices. When you walk into a building and the floors are polished until they shine and the carpet is vacuumed — that doesn't happen by itself. When... Continue Reading →

Deep, fierce gratitude

Deep. Fierce. Gratitude. As I walked across campus to my car earlier this week I was filled with gratitude. I looked at the changing leaves, listened to them crunch under my feet — and realized as I was walking that I don't have the life I had always dreamt of — I have the life... Continue Reading →

Gratitude in a snore

*** Disclaimer: tear-jerker post about aging pets/pet loss. Very early this morning when the sun was still well on the other side of the world and the house was still, I was awake, the sound of snoring in my right ear. That sound used to keep me awake for hours and it used to drive me... Continue Reading →

Day 800 of thankfuls, 800 days of change

I cannot believe my thankful project reached day 800 a few days ago. Day. 800. That's a lot of living! My journey with posting thankfuls on my personal Facebook account began in November 2013 — almost three years ago. I started it, like many of my Facebook friends, during the month of Thanksgiving and I... Continue Reading →

Grandma’s Mister Wonderful

In honor of Valentine’s Day this past Sunday, I decided to ask my grandmother to tell her love story — which to me is one of the greatest stories I’ve ever heard. My maternal grandparents had 45 years together before my grandfather passed away from cancer when I was in high school. Their love story... Continue Reading →

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