Today I got to smash a wall

wpid-20150911_103127.jpgI figured since I sent a Snapchat to a few friends with a picture of holes I put in a wall, I should stop to explain myself.

Today I smashed a wall. But I wasn’t the only one. And it was for a very good cause. I had the honor of smashing a wall today.

Myself and the paper’s photographer Kendra, went to the site of the future Lyon County History Center. There, we had the honor of watching people who worked tirelessly to raise money to renovate a new building for the History Center. Something that is much-needed.

One of the most rewarding parts of being a journalist is getting to see things come to fruition and tell the stories that go along with the efforts of so many hard-working people. I truly live in an incredible community. I feel very blessed to be a part of it and tell their stories.

The whole story is here. There’s also a video you can check out.

Oh, and on a more personal side note, I’m pretty sure I  might have a bit of a frustration problem. I hit that wall and I hit it hard — three times and it went through the wall every time. #oops

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