The day I decided to go for gold

wpid-screenshot_2015-04-21-18-27-32.jpgYesterday I set a new record on my step count. A whopping 20,000 steps.

I didn’t set out to break my record. I was feeling ambitious and was already close to my 10,000 for the day when I set out for my walk/run yesterday afternoon. So, I took to the gravel and ran part of the way there. Gravel is a challenge to run on…and it only take one pesky rock to bring you down, but that’s another story.

I was enjoying some tunes, crushing my step goal when I was just halfway through my normal route. I decided to keep going — the tunes were just too good to stop!

When I got home, my steps were at 17,000! I was so excited. I was going to stop there…but, who can stop a mere 3,000 steps from 20,000? So with the help of Jessie, my drill sergeant for the night, I squeaked out the last 3,000 steps — and topped off my distance at over 8 miles for the day!

I’m now the proud owner of two new Fitbit badges, a sore knee, sore arch in my foot (the preceding two due to a stupid rock) and some bragging rights. Will I try this again? Probably not — due to the sheer fact I keep having to repeat this “pain is weakness leaving my body…”

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