Red ribbons and blowing breezes

wpid-20150423_142027.jpgToday on a walk, I found a red tinsel ribbon. As I was concentrating on the fact that my foot was on fire from an earlier walk this week and then I spotted the ribbon tangled in some fence along the road.

I started to hobble on, but something made me go back and get the ribbon. It was pretty and shiny and bright. Clearly it needed to come home with me. My plan is to tape it to my storyboard that I just started working on for my novel.

As I walked back, I held the ribbon and watched it blow in the breeze — focused on the simple beauty and the way it made me smile. I guess you could say it spoke to me.

That’s kind of the way I try to see life — in moments. Yesterday is gone. Today is here, right now. Tomorrow isn’t promised to us — ever. And today will blow away in the breeze before we know it. As a journalist, this really hits me when someone dies in a fire or a car accident — one moment they are going about their business and the next moment they are gone. Just like that. It could happen to any one of us — at any time.

So, I want to take the ribbon home, put it on my story board where I’ll see it every day — live in the moment. Keep going. Push through whatever is going on (even if it’s a sore foot).

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