#39List revisited

Gazette PortraitsIt’s coming. My 39th birthday. For my 39th year of life, I wanted to form a #39List of 39 things I want to do before I turn 40.

Of course, all these have to be within reason…I don’t have unlimited funds to go travel the world.

I’ve worked off and on with the list, adding, subtracting and even scrapping — to the point where I’m really unsure what I want to put on it.

At this point I’m thinking it may be a mix of personal goals: like saying no to things that aren’t necessary to my life and don’t really make me feel good to events such as doing something I’ve wanted to do for a while like visit an art exhibit.

Either way, I want it to be a “live life to its fullest, every single day” type of list. Perhaps that should be Number 1 on my list — or maybe I should just write that goal 39 times. LOL.

My original goal was to make the list, blog about each item and all that jazz. And I may do some of that, but probably not to the depth I had originally intended.

That’s the thing about life — it changes. And it’s OK to change your mind too. It’s ok to change an idea or heck, scrap it entirely. It’s YOUR life. Period.

Just sayin’. Hope everyone’s Tuesday is amazing!

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  1. I just love this picture of you!! I used to try and make lists etc. but now I realize that nothing ever goes as planned so I just decided to adapt the “wherever the wind takes me” attitude!! Love your blog 🙂


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