Pre-session computer woes

wpid-20150412_161844.jpgSo, I had a great session with a great group of college students early this evening. If you’re reading this, you guys/gals were an awesome audience!

But it must be a law or something that says you must have computer woes before a session. I got to the hotel nice and early so I could give my PowerPoint presentation one final look. Of course, you can’t have a PowerPoint presentation with errors…especially at a journalism conference!

So, with time to spare, I find a quiet corner, open my laptop and prepare to givwpid-20150412_165256.jpge it one more look.

But the computer had other ideas.

It decided to update. And it took 20 minutes.

As I watched the spinning wheel of death on my computer, I became more and more desperate, even making a secondary plan that didn’t include my PowerPoint. Frantically texted my best friend to let her know how distraught I was.

But, lo and behold, my computer gracefully updated. The presentation went as scheduled.

Thanks to my wonderful audience, it was a great session.

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