NaNo day FOUR!!

It’s 9:37 p.m. on Thursday night. I had just finished my daily word quota for NaNo to consider this day a success. Which seems a bit odd since in the same stat box they list me as being FOUR days ahead of schedule. Yet if I don’t make a daily mimimum they list it as an unsuccessful day. For someone with OCD and who is unable to be considered “unsuccessful,” this is proving to be a very useful motivation tool.

I introduced a new character tonight. A reporter of course. What serial-killer novel is complete without a reporter covering the story? As a real-life reporter, I could not have MY novel not contain a reporter. So, the book now has one. And I’m quite pleased with her. And yes, she’s a woman of course!

So, another successful day. Onward and upward. Final word tally for today? 8,568. That leaves only 41,432 words to go and 26 days to do it in. Success is sweet!



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