NaNo: Five days behind me!

Today, my friends, was a bit more of a challenge. It was harder to meet my daily word count. And after today, I am five days ahead of schedule. NaNo says I’m set to finish on Nov. 25 — five days before the deadline.

I took a bit of a break at first from plot development and ramped up some character descriptions and tied up some family loose ends. But, to my surprise, the word count quickly picked up as the story began unfolding. I just had to get myself into the groove.

So, I’ve got 25 days to go. I’m at 10,296 words. Yes, I passed the 10,000-word milestone today! Next stop, 20,000. Then 30 and then 40. And I’m getting ahead of myself as usual!

I have 39,704 words to go. Onward and upwards!



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