NaNo Day 6!

Day six. Success!  As of day 6, I’m at 12,017 words. That puts me on target for finishing on Nov. 25 — if I keep up this pace. I have 24 days to write 37,983 words. After today, I have no doubt I’ll reach that goal. And my goal is to get done early so I can spend a few days enjoying my success!

So far, this has been a great experience. I’m finding that each day is different. And some days I’ve been more excited about doing this than others. Yesterday it was almost like pulling teeth to get my word count it. Today, I exceeded my daily “required” word count by over 1,000 words. The words came easy today. I hope they keep coming easy.

NaNo did say that when facing this, since we’re doing 50,000 words in one month, we would write a lot of “crap.” I agree. This novel will be far, VERY far from polished at the end of November. And it will be far from done. And far from reaching anybody’s eyes but my own!

So, day 6. Success. Onwards and upward!!



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