The beauty project

I’ve been looking for a way to invite positivity into my life and I’ve come up with a project — a project I am calling The Beauty Project.

This project will liven up my blog, my life and hopefully bring some sunshine to others’ lives as well.

Beauty is all around us. It’s in the snow on the ground, it’s in the tickle of the cold winter air. It’s in the first green buds that show up on the trees in early spring. It’s in the smile of a child or the smile of a friend.

Each week I will be posting about The Beauty Project. It may be once a week, it may be more. Either way, I will be including pictures and dialog about what beauty I encountered that week.

Here’s to my next project — the Beauty Project.

One thought on “The beauty project

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  1. Perfect!!!!! Great idea!! I'm holding you to it, and will be checking regularly!! I love the pic!!! Remember as you do this, that you are beautiful inside & out, as well! Happy Dancin 😉

    Love You!!


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