As I sit here in a meeting in the middle of February, I am longing for the smell of sunscreen.
But it isn’t just sunscreen that I long for. It’s a symbolic snapshot in my mind of what sunscreen stands for. Sunscreen to me is the signature scent of summer. It means green leaves, soft breezes, barbecues, laughter and lots of sunshine.
I never thought I could crave a scent like sunscreen but today I am. It’s almost strong enough to drag the sunscreen out of my cabinet and take a big whiff. I long for summer through the bulky clothing.
That’s not to say that winter isn’t lovely. Winter brings its own beauty. Mother Nature is just as striking — if not more — in the winter as she is in the spring and summer. Frost that sparkles in the tallgrass plains of Kansas like diamonds can’t be rivaled. A silent night with a fresh blanket of snow on the ground — breathtaking (sometimes literally if it’s cold enough).
So winter definetly has her perks. But today, today I really, really need some sun — I think I’ll go home and put some sunscreen on — just to humor myself.

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