May 1

May 1 is a key date for me. Actually, there are two key dates. March 15 and May 1. But May 1 is the big one.

For two years I’ve worked tirelessly on my master’s degree. At this point I have five weeks left. For more than two years I’ve given up free time, TV shows, sleep and even my social life for school. My laptop goes everywhere with me, just ask my mom who’s had to put up with me at her house with my head in the computer cramming my latest assignment.

But that will all be over in five weeks. FIVE. I can hardly believe it.

May 1 is the big date. That’s the day where I get to have family and friends with me to celebrate my achievement. It’s the day I get to walk across that state and claim my prize — my diploma. My MBA/MKT degree. It’s glory day. It’s MY day.

The countdown is on. May 1 I am so looking forward to you!

1 thought on “May 1

  1. OMG!!! I had no idea, MISS SMARTY SMART PANTS!! That is so Awesome!! I'm so excited for you!! Keep your head up!!!! YaY!!! More Happy Dancing!!!


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