Mayiah Brulee

Yes, I am Mayiah Brulee’s mom.

No, Mayiah is not a child. She is a dog. A small 4-pound toy poodle with more grit and attitude than I could possibly muster on my worst day.

With that said. Mayiah is the “queen bee” of the household. She’s my very spoiled “baby.” She seriously owns more clothes than I do. Far more.

And to boot, Mayiah, who is a DOG, has started receiving her very own e-mails from an online dog boutique that I shop at. You read right. She gets emails. They remind her to tell her “mom” (that’s me) that there’s a huge blow-out sale online. Today’s email stated that they are having a winter clearance sale.

Now, if Mayiah could read she’d be bugging the crap outta me to get her that $75 cashmere sweater (i’m not kidding) that is on “sale.” Fat chance Mayiah poo.

My dog getting e-mails, now this is a true sign of the times. Hilarious. As her “mom,” however, I must say I enjoy it. They do know how to cater to nutcases like me!!

Have a great day!

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  1. wow! reading this blog i was smiling so big! mainly because i know mayiah and its all so true! ha! great blog and you gotta admit! shes a handful we all love and spoil! and i think also you live vicariously through your dog! heehee!


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