Spring’s promises

It’s spring here. Everything is greening up, the flowers are peeking through. It’s truly a beautiful time of year.

However, this year as I’m going through some personal issues and watching a good friend die, I find myself a bit bitter. But, as I walked Mayiah today and was looking around I noticed some purple flowers that have popped up. And I realized. Mother Nature does not promise that life will be pleasant all the time or even enjoyable sometimes, but she does promise this with spring: it’s a time of re-birth. Of renewal. And yes, it also can be a time of death. But even in the wake of death today I was able to look around and find something beautiful — that gorgeous flower that despite the rather odd spring weather pattern we’ve had managed to poke out on schedule.

As I prepare to say goodbye to a friend, somebody who has been very good to me over the past several years, I find myself hurting…but life is still full of promise and hope…just wish we all got to keep the ones we love near us….

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