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It finally happened!!

I finally had my personal encounter with Woody Woodpecker. In other words, the pileated woodpecker.

I’m a bird watcher that doesn’t have enough time to bird watch as much as I’d like. The pileated woodpecker has been at the top of my life list for quite some time. When I visited my Aunt Mary Lee in Idaho back in 2003, the darn bird never came near. Immediately following my departure, you guessed it, he showed up. It seemed like I would never see one.

With all that said, I was laying on the couch last Sunday and I glanced up in a tree. I saw the distinctive top knot and noticed he was so much bigger than our woodpeckers. I couldn’t believe it. I exclaimed “that isn’t a regular woodpecker!!” And the excitement grew when Linda identified the bird for me. Yes, it was indeed the great pileated woodpecker. IN MY OWN YARD!!

So yeah. Now I have to come up with another “ultimate bird” to spot. I would like to see Woody again, but I’m just so thankful he showed up. Amazing sight!

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