I learned how to play a glass last night.

No really, I did!

I was washing a glass — one of those really nice looking glasses similar to a cocktail glass. I wanted to put my ginger ale into something special. IDK. It just made me feel better I guess. I once read an email that said why wait to get out the special dishes? Every day is special.

Anyway, back to my point. I was washing the glass. And something made me run my finger over the rim. And it sang! I was so excited! Yes, I’m a nerd. But I discovered that I have a talent for playing that glass. I discovered that the glass doesn’t sing when it’s dry. And that I can make it sing all around the rim. :0)

Yes, I’m a definite nerd. And I think it was a bit confusing to my friends who were in the other room as to why I was standing washing a glass and making it sing. The dogs kept looking at me funny too.

I dunno. It was just fun. Just one of those moments where you take a break from deadlines. You take a break from the phone. Take a break from life. And discover that you have a utterly useless, but fun talent!

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