Time to get serious…

It’s time to get serious. See my serious dog?!

Time to get serious about not being so serious.

Yes, confusing. But it makes sense in my head.

Sometimes I just don’t find life funny. Ok, so most of the time lately, I don’t find life funny. I walk around with a “no nonsense” attitude. A business attitude. A get things done and get right to the point attitude. Unfortunately, life isn’t like that. Life takes humor. Life takes laughter. Yeah, life does take seriousness too, but not to the point where you give yourself a headache.

Last night I caught myself laughing at simple things. It felt good. I found it funnier than all get out that I could dance with my dog. Laugh if you want. It doesn’t bother me! Anybody who’s read my complete blog already knows I’m crazy when it comes to my animals.

So yeah. Another goal for 2008 is to laugh more. Be less serious. Wear a smile more. I caught myself fuming at work this morning when I had to adjust my schedule because of an unexpected story. It’s my job. Life is unpredictable. Especially in the journalism field. I quickly adjusted my attitude. So what if I had to adjust my schedule? It’s not the worst thing that can happen.

Try new things. 2008 is gonna be great! (Pardon the rhyme)

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