Hello 2008…

So we’re 10 days into 2008. And I can say it’s already had its rough spots. And I haven’t blogged much. I’d like to change that.

I went into 2008 largely without New Year’s Resolutions this year. Minus the one that Kat claims I made to reduce the word “effing” in my vocabulary. Hey, I read that word in the last Harry Potter book. So I don’t quite feel so bad saying it. Except I don’t say it in certain company. That should tell me something.

Back to my resolutions. I didn’t really have any this year. Oh sure, there was the thought of getting myself straight financially. Getting fit. Yada yada yada. How original, you know? Those are probably the top two. So I got frustrated and didn’t make any really.

But, in the last 10 days of 2008, some have developed. Some I’ll share here. Some I won’t.

Oh, and I have a new hero this year! Mary J. Blige. Her music has inspired me to write much of what I’m about to write. Her songs inspire me. Two songs in particular “No More Drama” and “I’m Just Fine.” Those are my life songs right now!

With all that said, in 2008 (based on the first 10 days of 2008) I will:

• Listen more. There’s a whole world around me. People. Flowers. Animals. Life!!
• Talk more. Nobody can read my mind. But they certainty read silence any way they want. And I’m usually not going to like what they come up with. People assume all kinds of things when they don’t have information. Sad, but true.
• I’ll call my mom more. Seriously, I miss my mom. A lot. We text every now and then, but that’s no substitute for talking. Real-time talking. PICKING UP THE PHONE. What a concept. Yes, I will call my mom more.
• Set small-term goals for myself. And stick to them. I have a couple of milestones coming up. Yay me!
• I’ll use my new book of trees that I got for Christmas from Linda. I’m busting at the seams waiting for the trees to sprout leaves so I can start making a life list of what trees I’ve seen. (This is part of noticing the whole world around me)
• Laugh. I sometimes get caught up in the seriousness of life, when laughter will fix a lot. Or will at least lighten a situation. I’m not talking about busting out laughing during a tragic situation. I’m talking about finding laughter in everyday life.
• Each day, I’ll write a few things down that went RIGHT. As an person who religiously journals every day, I realized in 2007 how much time I spent on the negative. This is so non-productive. Sure, it was a part of the day. But it doesn’t have to be the whole day. Heck, I’ll even draw myself a picture of the day’s successes.
• I’ll make a honest crack at procrastination. It’s something I don’t like to admit, but I do procrastinate. I will take action. Instead of taking the Scarlett O’Hara attitude “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” Well, for me tomorrow turns into next week. And next month. Yeah, that has to stop.
• Perfectionism. Um, this one is dependent on what it is. When I look at my bathroom sink and it’s full of hair and toothpaste, I kinda lose it. I don’t see how somebody can deal with that. Yuck! And the sink usually leads me to scrubbing everything else in the bathroom. And then out into the front room…yeah…so I guess it depends on what it is. But I’m not lowering certain standards at how long I’ll look at hair in my sink.
• I’ll eat my vegetables. No really. I will.

I’m sure there are more. More will be added. These are just ones that I’ve thought of in 10 short days. The first 10 days of 2008.

The year 2007 had it’s challenges. This year, there is to be NO MORE DRAMA. I can’t predict if there will be tragedy or pain. But I can say that the drama is over. Here’s to a wonderful year. A year minus all the drama. Drama is for television. And even for other people probably, but it’s not for my life. Not anymore.

So, welcome 2008. Welcome to life. Welcome to love, joy. Good stuff and bad.

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