Farwell 2007

I can honestly say that this is one year I’m ready to scratch off the books.

2007 brought many events to my life. A few of them I didn’t think I’d get through. While I won’t discuss them here, I will just say that 2007 made me stronger. I came through. And I believe I came through on top.

It’s easy for me to make a laundry list of all the things that went wrong in 2007. And tonight I plan on doing just that. I’m going to make a laundry list. Write it all down. And then I’m going to burn that list. I’m planning on making a separate list with the same events and listing what I learned from those experiences. How I’m stronger for them. That list I will keep and place it in my journal.

Out of every tragedy, trauma or unpleasant event, there is something to be learned. I’ve been incredibly blessed with a few friends and family members that have helped me to see this. I have learned a lot from 2007. And what an incredible gift it is to know that I have learned from this year. That wisdom is priceless. A friend told me the other day that some people never get that gift. They never see beyond the pain, the trauma and the hurt. I have that gift. And I”m so grateful for it.

Here’s to 2008! May it be happy, healthy and bright. And if it isn’t, well, I guess I get to make another laundry list and watch it burn!

Love to all today.

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