Beauty in snow

Last night on a ride Mother Nature once again came through with a gift — this time I found it in the snow.

It snowed a few inches the night before. Not really sure the exact inch count. That’s not the point really anyway (forgive me, I’m running on little sleep this morning!!)

We were driving around on a dirt road. Just driving. Listening to music. I looked out the window and gazed at the snow. And I saw it — all the sparkles. It hasn’t warmed up enough to melt any of the snow and the fresh powder look glistened everywhere the headlight beams touched.

It was truly beautiful. I can’t even find the right words to describe the snow. It just sparkled. And words truly can’t do the beauty of that justice, you know?

It’s moments like this that brings life to a stand-still and provides an opportunity for reflection. Life isn’t about all the hustle and bustle. Life isn’t about the daily problems. Life isn’t about cell phone bills and problems at work. These are a part of life, but it’s not life. Last night I chose to stop. I chose to just emerse myself in the beauty of something simple like the snow. Two ordinary things came together to create a beautiful scene. If I had been caught up in myself or my problems, I would have missed it and dissapointed Mother Nature. Mother Nature provides us with these little moments. No matter what life is like. No matter what is on our minds. We are free anytime to gaze around us and locate something beautiful. It doesn’t cost anything to do that. Mother Nature gives it for free.

Thank you Mother Nature! You’ve done it again!

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