Christmas at the mat!

‘Tis the season….

To do laundry!

Fa la la la la….

Yes, you read that right! It’s the season to do laundry!

On the morning of Christmas for various reasons, my mom and I found ourselves at the laundry mat…compliments of my shih tzu PJ who threw up all over the place I was there washing quilts. And since mom needed to go also to save herself time, we gathered up our stuff and made a mother/daughter outing to the mat. We threw the turkey in the roaster and headed for the mat.

And we weren’t alone. There wasn’t a ton of people at the mat this morning, but there were several. There were kids. Families. Babies. And even a few older folks made their way in with laundry. Many had several loads.

This is no ordinary laundry mat either! I’m used to the small piddly mats in the town I live in with the rusty washers, dirty floor, full ash trays and run down dryers with melted crayons in them. But this one, only about a block or so from my mom’s is brand spanking new. The washers work. The dryers are clean. There are pop machines. Change machines that actually give quarters. And a place for kids to play in the middle. Oh, and not to mention the fish that live in a fish tank…a very arge fish tank recessed into the wall. Oh my gosh!!! I was in heaven! I’ll truly be ruined forever when I get back to my town and have to put up with run-down equipment!

While it may seem funny, consider our situation. No little kids at home. And my brother and his family weren’t coming until afternoon. What better way to spend Christmas morning, right?! Well, at least we have clean laundry!

I don’t know what brought all the other people at the laundry mat, but for me, it was an opportunity to sit with my mom with the whir of the washers and dryers in the background. A time to just talk. A time to just be. So, while we were at the laundry mat, I realized something…I got a bonus Christmas gift. The bonus of time…time with my mom. And that is more precious than anything material.

Have a great Christmas!!

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