Road Rage!!!!

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Usually I try to keep this blog light. But sometimes, we all lose our tempers. Sometimes we just have to bitch. And boy do I need to bitch!!!

I was driving onto the freeway today on a fairly short entrance ramp. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw two semi-trucks taking up both lanes. I was well ahead of them so I figured I could slip in front of the one in the lane next to me.

As I stepped on the gas, the truck driver in the lane immediately next to me decided to also. And he must have really stepped on it because not only did I quickly run out of ramp, I had to swerve onto the shoulder and nearly had to head OFF the freeway to avoid him sideswiping me. He never made an attempt to slow down. He just kept flying by. He might as well have flipped me off as he sped by.

By this time I was angry. All the frustrations from my day (having five stories to get done today, most of the day in meetings tying me up from writing those five stories and dealing with cranky people) came out and shot right out my windshield at the back of that truck. If looks could kill, yeah, that truck driver wouldn’t be among the land of the living anymore.

I tried to catch up with the truck to see if there was an 800 number to call and report this jack asses’ bad driving. I mean seriously, who the hell did he think he was?! He had to speed up and get right next to the other truck. Was it really necessary?! What happened to courteous driving? I drive an SUV. Had I hit the actual ground and left the road, it would have rolled.

So yeah, all these angry thoughts bled all over my car. I have high blood pressure anyway lately, so this wasn’t a good thing for me probably. Ok, so I could have slowed down too. OK, there’s lots of things I could have done. In the end I decided not to try to follow the truck pass my exit. The jerk wasn’t worth me being late for my next meeting.

Quite frankly, I still want to throttle the driver of that truck. When you drive something that big you need to realize that you’re a lot bigger than the other vehicles on the road and your actions could potentially kill.

I can totally see how road rage happens. You’re in your car — space you consider personal. Some of us even find driving relaxing. I know I do. When somebody invades your space, it makes you angry. Tempers flare and get out of control. Road rage is evil. But, after today, I can see how it happens. If we all would pay more attention and respect each other on the road, you know, this kind of crap wouldn’t happen.

Thank you Mister truck driver jerk. Next time share your damn lane.

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