Sorry Mr. Sparrow!!!

I likely ruined a bird’s day this morning — but I didn’t mean to!

Let me explain. I was getting out of my car in front of the courthouse to head to my weekly commission meeting. A bird apparently didn’t see me or something. As I was standing on the passenger side of my vehicle, I noticed the little sparrow hopping around near my car. I stood there and watched him for a bit. He apparently did not notice me because he hopped right on my shoe!

Now I have never had this happen before and it was quite amusing. He sat there for a second or two before figuring it out. He was looking around and all the sudden he looked up. And I think he about had a heart attack.

He started sputtering and chirping and jumped back off my foot. He chattered all the way back under my car. But before he disappeared under my car he kinda strutted. I’m not sure if this means that he was mad or just wanted to save “bird face” by getting his last word in as he strutted off.

The bird totally cracked me up and as an added bonus, he sent me to my meeting with a smile on my face. I chuckled all the way into the courthouse and was still chuckling when I was placing all my things on the conveyor belt to pass through the metal detector.

Once again, it’s the small things that put a smile on my face. Had I not stopped to look down at the bird and notice my surroundings, I would have missed the whole moment. And missed another chance to send Mother Nature a thank-you for giving me the gift of a mad sparrow this morning!

So, Mr. Sparrow…I’m sorry if I ruined your morning! But it may just give you something to tell your grandchildren back in Wington!

Have a great Wednesday! :0)

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